Wednesday, 3 November 2010



After months of re-designing, I have finally uploaded my new website! It shows lots of new work, I hope you like!



Tia Eastwood said...

Hi Sally!

I really love you work!

I also like the new website. I'm in my final year of Illustration at uni and I need to set up my own website now but I'm not sure how to create it or where to host you have any tips you could share with me?

Thanks in advance! Tia xx

Emma said...

Love this Sally! x

Sarah said...

it looks great! your illustrations make me so happy :) said...

such charming work! :-))

sally illustration said...

Thanks thanks thanks!! Tia I used flash to create my website and then I bought my webspace and name from Compila! definitely do a website for when you graduate- it's not too expensive to buy either x x x

Tia Eastwood said...

ah thanks for the help! hopefully i'll get it done! :)